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Wolf Tattoos

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wolf-tattoosBest Wolf Tattoos Designs for you just see more tattoos designs

The native American whispered wolves had ghostly powers, and we too have also seen some lasting images of a wolf howling at the moon. The wolf holds a numinous status in the folklore of many ancient religions, like Greek and Roman folklore. In some native American tribes, wolves were associated with witchcraft and were considered as a expression of evil powers, while other tribes revered the wolf as a symbol of power, intellect and autonomy. This mysterious animal is also thought of being a symbol of fertility and virility, one of the many reasons behind wolf tattoos attractiveness. The wolf tattoo designs are as old as tattoo culture, with many native American tribesmen having wolf tattoos on their bodies in ancient times. The wolf is thought to have mastered both, the the wild and the domestic world. They are known to be very ferocious while hunting for prey, can cover large territories, and are known to hunt in packs. Wolves live in social wolf packs showing extensive domestic attribute as well.

Wolf Tattoo Designs and Meanings

When getting a tattoo you should have a clear idea as to which part of your body you want to tattoo. A tattoo is a symbol of the person’s aspiration and nature, so choose a design that suits your characteristics and aims. Last, but not least, decide a color combination for your tattoo, if you are getting a color tattoo. While choosing color it’s important that you take into reflection the design and the skin tone of the body part you wish to tattoo. If you are considering to get a wolf tattoo, have a look at some of these wolf tattoos for men and wolf tattoos for women designs. Wolf tattoos are fast becoming one of the most sought after animal tattoo designs.

Family of Wolves
regard widely as social animals, wolves live in packs and hunt in packs. These packs consist of nuclear families of mated wolves and their offspring, hence a family of wolves tattoo is a symbol of loyalty and enthusiasm. Having a pair of wolves and their single offspring on the arm is a unique wolf tattoo design for men as well as women.

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