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White Ink Tattoo

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While white ink tattoos are gaining in popularity. However, before getting one, there are some issues that you need to understand and figure it out with white ink tattoo. A fact is that many people with darker skin tones can not absorb enough of the white pigment for it to appear brightly on their skin. Some of these people may also find that they have a reaction to the white pigment, which is much more common than a reaction to black tattoo ink. For some people, the white ink areas will swell, itch and may even ooze from the tattoo. This can be a sign of your skin actually rejecting the white pigment, and you may end up with no tattoo in that area at all.

A white tattoo is more subtle than other tattoos and thanks to the relatively smaller and simpler designs, it can be easily hidden when needed in different occasions, that is probably one the reasons why it is so popular.

So when you are considering a white ink tattoo, choosing a skilled and experienced tattooist is very important. In fact, a white ink tattoo done by a good tattooist can be extremely amazing. Just have a look at some gorgeous white ink tattoo pictures here.

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