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What Your Shoes Say About You

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The shoes we wear tell our stories in thousand different ways, in each step we take, in each move we make, those little creations, with which we adorn our delicate feet whisper our personality in the click click of their sound. Read on to know what those lovely pairs of shoes you adore so much tell about you.

High Heels

You certainly feel like a model, when you walk with those sexy high heels while they make your calf muscles more firm and toned and push your buttocks to resemble a firm peach with an erotically charged line. High heels are laden with power, sexuality, defiance and mystery, the click click sound in its every step whispers ‘seduction’.

To wear high heels, you need a huge amount of confidence and power to do them justice. High Heels go best with denim, trousers, skirts and culottes for a perfectly chic and modern look. However, you can also combine them with traditional frocks to give yourself a feminine and alluring look. Don’t wear high heels if you feel you can’t carry them with the immense confidence they demand.

Khussa and Kaula Pori Chappal

As the name suggests, this section of shoes is totally traditional and looks best with traditional long frocks and chori dars. Where high heels represent boldness and sex, Khussa is its opposite because of its extremely delicate and demure appeal. Usually Khussa wearing girls are termed as ‘simple girls’ demure and innocent, who when walk with those Khussa adorned feet whispers elegance and grace in every step. Khussa is the best suitable for traditional ceremonies of Mehndi and Mayon. Plus they also add to the charm of traditional dresses like frocks and choridars and shalwar kameez with their timeless appeal.

Flat Sandals

Flat Sandals, which are so ‘in’ these days speaks of feminine comfort, which is a fusion of modern and tradition both. Flat Sandals can work their magic with any outfit whether it is Shalwar Kameez or trendy denim, Flat sandals can go with anything and everything. Flat sandals are casual yet trendy, cool yet sexy and above all they are extremely comfortable in an extremely feminine way.  They can be as bold as heels in the form of gladiators and they can be as delicate as Khussa.

Now choose your shoes, according to your personality and flaunt them freely in the perfect way!

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