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What makes Bigg Boss 5 unique?

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Pooja Missra being ousted from the Bigg Boss house for physical assault: Bhojpuri actor Kamaal R Khan was thrown out of the Bigg Boss house as he had hurt one of the inmates (read unintentionally throwing a water bottle at the ever struggling actress Shamita Shetty). This year, Model cum Vj Pooja Missra commited a similar deed. Following a heated argument, she pushed fellow contestant Siddharth Bhardwaj. And since the Bigg Boss house is infamous for its constant verbal spats, it set the record straight this time, Bigg Boss ordered Pooja to leave the house and she had no option, hence she obliged and left the show.

One male amongst 13 female contestants: When people are forced to stay together for a good continuous ninety days, sparks are bound to fly. Be it for emotional support or for physical needs, the inmates can’t help but try finding solace in each other. And in this season looks like, Bigg Boss wanted its contestants to provide some spicy stuff to the viewers for gossip. That’s the best way you can justify a single male contestant being locked in with thirteen female contestants. But the man, who was assigned the task to flirt with the ladies, didn’t do the needful. Shakti Kapoor didn’t live up to his onscreen persona and instead acted all goody-goody in the show. Not only this, rumour has it that the veteran actor was paid a whooping amount to participate in the show. But was evicted from the reality show. In fact rumour has it that the time Shakti got evicted from the show another inmate Shraddha Sharma was supposed to be evicted, but the channel intervened and instead showed the door to Shakti Kapoor.

A porn star first time on Indian Television: She may be out of the house now, but Porn star Sunny Leone’s entry in the house attracted immense attention. The viewers wanted to know more about her profession and sadly got hooked onto pornography.

A pregnant contestant: While the third season of the celebrity show saw a TV couple participating in the series together, the current, fifth season saw a pregnant wrestler Sonika Kaliraman as a participant. Then, after a few days passed, she voluntarily opted out of the show. She was six months pregnant when she entered the show.

First time Bollywood actors Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan came together to host the show: While Salman has been associated with Bigg Boss, this is a first time for Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt. Though initially Sanjay looked apprehensive, now he has mastered the art of hosting.

A transgender coming: A gay contestant has been a part of the show, but Bigg Boss 5 was the first time when a transgender entered the house. Laxmi Narayan Tripathi? is a transgender activist. She is the first transgender to represent Asia Pacific region in the UN General Assembly President’s office. Inside the Bigg Boss house, everybody loved her nature and fierce attitude.

Families of contestants inside the house: Whatever maybe the case, outsiders were never allowed inside the Bigg Boss house. Evicted housemates did come inside the house as wild card enteries and special guests but no one apart from these guys, made their way into the house. But this season saw the families of the inmates being invited into the house. The family members were given a good two hours to speak to their loved ones.

A Japanese national inside the house: While foreigners have entered the show before, this is the first time that a Japanese national has entered the show. We are talking about the Sumo wrestler Yamamotoyama who entered the house recently. The wrestler doesn’t even understand English or Hindi and hence will be using pictures to convey his messages to fellow inmates.

A God Man :-This is the first time a god man entered the house. Swami Agnivesh entered the show as a guest and did his bit in easing the tension and negative air inside the infamous house.

That is all the unique stuff that has happened in the Bigg Boss 5 house till date . With five more days left, we are sure Bigg Boss will leave no stone unturned to increase its masala quotient.

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