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Wedding Mehndi Tattoos

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Any traditionalweddinghas the couple choosing and exchangingweddingrings for the ceremony. To keep the tradition alive but also adding their own unique twist to it, some newlyweds are adding that extra creativity to the whole thing. Gettingwedding mehndi tattoosinked on themselves, to show their love for one another. Plus, an added advantage of getting yourwedding mehnditattooed on yourself is, you won’t ever lose it.

When you decide to spend the rest of your life with your true love, everything else seems unimportant somehow. You wish to display your love for him/her and make a statement about it. What could be more bigger, louder, and permanent than awedding mehndi tattoo? When the two of you bond on a level where no one can even imagine, it makes your relationship stronger than ever.And as a permanent reminder of that person, relationship, date, and/or place, you can get matching

Wedding Mehndi Tattoos

wedding mehndi tattoosdone. Read more on Celtic love knot tattoo designs.

The linking of twoweddingbands, on your ring finger, symbolizes your eternal and undying love for one another. Thedesignshows unity and infinity all mixed in one. A union of two souls that can never break by making thedesignwith endless Celtic knots.
One of the most popular kind ofwedding mehndi tattoosis the name or initials tattoo. The names/initials go on each other’s body, exactly on the same spot, and in the same font, size, style, and shape.
As theweddingbells have always been associated with the end of theweddingceremony, thetattoowill preserve your union. You can get theweddingdate inked in the middle of the bells and enhance it with elegant knot work.

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