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Wedding Jewelry

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Are you a bride who likes all things modern and chic? If your personal style is more trendy than traditional, then you will want your wedding jewelry to reflect this. A basic strand of pearls may be great for a classic bride, but the modern bride should look for handmade wedding jewelry with a unique twist.

Most brides will attempt to form a theme around one piece of their wedding attire. For instance if your dress has pearl droplets, then you may want to use other pearl jewelry. The key is in keeping your wedding outfit harmonious. You do not necessarily have to match everything perfectly in color, but your wedding jewelry should accent your wedding gown without really drawing attention away from it.

Look for unique jewelry that really expresses your style. After all, it is your day! Choosing handmade wedding jewelry will provide you with so many options. Instead of traditional round pearls, perhaps opt for a necklace or earrings made of square coin pearls or select pink pearls, rather than white. Freshwater pearls are available in many different shapes, sizes and colors that you are not likely to find when shopping in a department store or local bridal shop.

One of the best things about selecting interesting wedding jewelry is that it will be very wearable long after the wedding. Cool chandelier earrings would be perfect for a night out on the town. Those stacks of bracelets could spice up a conservative work outfit. And a beautiful necklace is the perfect accent for a romantic dinner with your new husband.

Jewelry is very personal. You will want the jewelry that you wear for your wedding to express your personality and suit the style of your event. Unique and interesting bridal jewelry is the perfect choice for the modern bride.

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