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Wedding Hijab Styles

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A hijab is both a head covering and a style of dress worn primarily in the Muslim community. For weddings, which are increasingly gender-mixed in the Muslim community, hijab can celebrate both the culture of the spouses and the event itself. One important feature of a hijab wedding style is that.

Hijab style

it is modest and covers the hair, neck, ears and chest. A good, heavy silk can be used to create a long dress with sleeves that extend to the wrist. The skirt of the dress can flair away from the body in simple folds so that the bride and her attendants are not showing too much of their figures. Tiny buttons up the back of a dress are a nice, simple touch.

Hijab style

Consider getting old-fashioned cloth buttons. To finish the hijab style, choose a lightweight silk and lace combination to wrap your hair in. You can wind it around your head and face to create an elegant head covering. Start with a simple dress. The skirt should be floor length and the neckline must be modest enough to touch the neck.

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