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Warring Couple Sonam-Shahid Are Friends Again

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Warring Couple Sonam-Shahid Are Friends Again

All those interviews that you’re seeing with the Mausam pair enjoying each other’s company with giggly pleasure…. attribute them to the persuasive powers of Shahid Kapoor.

When Shahid had a house-warming party on at his newly-renovated apartment at Raj Classic in Andheri for his close friends, invitees were surprised to see Sonam present.

Since when had she become Shahid’s friend? Everyone at the intimate party wondered.

It’s a well-known fact by now that Shahid and Sonam are two different individuals and actors with irreconcilable differences about their approach to work.

There was constant friction during the shooting engendered by their different work methods. The differences of opinion vanished just as suddenly as they started.

During the last schedule of Mausam in Mumbai Shahid, always the one in charge, sat his co-star down for a long meeting.

Says a source, “Shahid was the one who initiated the long meeting. He felt that if the differences between them continued, Shahid’s father the film’s director Pankaj Kapoor and the film, in that order, would suffer.

Shahid sat Sonam down and explained to her why it was imperative for them to out up compatible front and put an end to all the talk about the friction and fights between them.

Shahid reasoned with his co-star that they were doing an intense love story together. If the audience thought of them as a warring couple it would prejudice them against the passion that they shared in Mausam. ”

In brief Shahid asked his co-star to put on her best performing abilities for the sake of the film. Sonam agreed to play along.

Says the source, “They were never at war or anything. They were just two different persons. Shahid decided to push their differences under the carpet, so they could project a compatible picture for the publicity. ”

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