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Veena Malik finally traced in a hotel in Mumbai

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Veena Malik, the bigger controversies queen of Pakistan and India who has been missing since early Friday morning, has now been found in a suburban hotel in Mumbai. The agencies got alert when the news of her missing reported by her business manager Parteik Mehta started hitting the media. As per the reports, Malik is currently in Oakwood hotel in Juhu, Mumbai.

The reports reveal that she got herself registered at the hotel with her real name ‘Zahida’ and upon checking, the authorities found the papers on her real name as well. As it was reported in the media and the film director too said that she was not feeling well, the police spokesman Machendra Bodke from Juhu police station too depicted the same (as per the reports in the media).

Veena’s missing came into limelight when her business manager told the media and reported to the cops. He mentioned that he tried to make repeated contacts to her but her phone was unreachable. Veena was shooting for a Bollywood movie, ‘125 Kilometers’ in Goregaon area when she left the shoot and suddenly disappeared with an unidentified man in his vehicle early in Friday morning.

She has to go out and then in to India for working in the movies, projects and the reality show and she has been doing so since the outset. After dolling up the shooting of the film, she will begin the reality show ‘Swayamvar’ on NDTV Imagine to select a groom for herself.

Whether the missing game was her publicity stunt or there was something else, this will be revealed soon now. But the fact of the matter is that the masses would certainly like to know since all and sundry know that this babe can do everything to hog the limelight. Well, wait and see what to happen!

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