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Uchchithanai Mukarnthal – Movie Review

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Movie Title: Uchchithanai Mukarnthal
Cast: Sathyaraj, Sangeetha, Lakshmi, Seeman and Neelika
Director: Pugazhendi Thangaraj
Music: D. Immam
Genre: Documentary
Pugazhendi Thangaraj’s directed venture, ‘Uchchithanai Mukarnthal’ releases today in theaters. The film stars Sathyaraj, Sangeetha, Lakshmi, Seeman and Neelika in the main roles. The movie is something of a documentary or can be called docu-drama. D Immam has scored the composition for the film’s album.

It is often witnessed that whenever a movie is made on the issues of Lanka, it gets huge attention of the viewer. The same happens with this product of Pugazhendi Thangaraj, who previously churned out Kattrukenna Veli on the similar lines. He sharpened his mastery skills on the similar ethnic subject once again. This time around, he becomes different as he makes the flick on the struggles and hardships of a very young lass aged 13 who got raped by the Lankan forces.

The Tamil movie, ‘Uchchithanai Mukarnthal’ talks about the professor Natesan (Sathyaraj) who happens to be a pro-Tamil supporter who always raises his vocals for their cause and for his doing so, he is often arrested and sent behind the bars. His outbreak is not liked by the authorities. Natesan’s better half (Sangeetha) too supports husband’s efforts. By the time the couple is expecting their first kid, they find a young lass, 13, coming to their home. She is Punithavathi (Neelika) from Batticoloa. She has been the victim of the gang rape by the Lankan army on March 1st 2009. She is pregnant. A noble doctor (Lakshmi) comes to the scene. All three Natesan, his wife and the doctor try hard to help the girl and make sure the baby in the ovary of the little girl is safe. Charles Anthony (Seeman), the police inspector, too joins the trio to help the little girl. Soon, they realize that the girl is suffering from AIDS. They consult with Dr. CND (Nasser) to seek the help on the matter. What takes place next is what forms the rest of the saga.

The story is great to rave about. The script is well written and deserves praise. Raising this kind of sensitive issue on the screen is a brilliant effort and on this plot, making a good movie is further applaudabale. Director Pugazhendi Thangaraj has delivered the goods aptly on screen.
Music of the movie is good to hear. The cinematography is appealing. Editing is first-rate.
It is Neelika’s film all the way. She loots the scene and the masses with her classy performance, She deserves the awards. Sathyaraj does the task with finesse. Sangeetha is a treat to watch. Seeman and Lakshmi do their parts well.
Uchchithanai Mukarnthal is a well-executed sensitive docu-drama that deserves applauds. It is a must watch film.

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