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Types of Wedding Hairstyles

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Wedding is the most important day in a girl’s life. Everybody’s eyes will be on her on this day. So she will want that she should dress beautifully. Besides her dress, her hairstyle is also essential to make her look pretty. There are different hairstyles, which you can count on when styling your hair on your wedding day.


Some of these hairstyles are as follows:

Wedding hairstyle


Bun Hairstyle – This is the most common hairstyle, which girls prefer as it looks sober. All the hairs are tied up in a neat way. This hairstyle generally lasts for long time i.e. after wedding during reception too. A twist in this hairstyle can be created by making it hair-braiding hairstyle. This hair braiding hairstyle will also look sober. You can decorate these hairstyles by putting flowers or tiara if you don’t want to carry veil.

Side Ponytail – If your hair is of medium length and thin then this hairstyle will suit you the best. For ones who have short hair, they will have to use hair extensions to create this hairstyle on their hair. Ponytail with curls is being created and is kept on the side of head for better exposure of curls. Floral or jewel studded tiara can be used as accessories with this hairstyle.

High Curly Updo – Like in an updo hairstyle, in this hairstyle also hair are tied high up at the top of head. In this hairstyle, some strands of hair are not included in bun tied up instead, they are curled and kept near ear. In addition, the hair in the bun, which is tied up high, is curled up. This hairstyle is the best choice if your height is small as the curls in updo bun will make you look bigger in height than what you actually are. Veils can be pinned up below the bun to look more attractive.

Bob Hairstyle – In this hairstyle, hair are cut in such a way that their length is till jaw. Nowadays if you are tired of handling your hair and want to restrain yourself from going to a salon and sitting over there for hours to style up your hair for wedding then this is the perfect hairstyle. No accessories can be added on hair when you are styled according to this hairstyle.

Beehive Updo – This hairstyle deals with creating a bun in updo form so that it looks like a beehive. This hairstyle looks very elegant. Flower or gem studded clip or pin can be used to make the hair look more attractive.

Loose Curls Half Up – Instead of doing complete updo, if you want to do half updo then you can go with this hairstyle too. Some portion of hair is styled in updo hairstyle and remaining portion is curled up. Some of these curls are taken in front and others are kept back. Beautiful veil can be attached in hair to make the curls look prettier.

Choose one that suits your nicely. Take some opinions from friends and family if you aren’t too sure about it. It never hurts to take some professional help where required.

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