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Truck art fashion: Attire with an attitude

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The truck interiors of our culture’s importance to the occupation, one must know the history of indigenous tradition. adorning the art trucks and buses starting in 1920 when a rival transport companies hired craftsmen to their buses to attract more passengers in a bid to decorate. The last several years, art, poetry, folk tales, Lollywood actor, and the trucking industry employed persons in terms of strategies have been developed to include caricatures.
The art – the bright colors of flowers and gorgeous as was considered by many – has attacked the fashion industry. Maheen Khan, Deepak Perwani and with designers such as Babar Ali of Uth Oye! The truck’s design using the symbols of art, it is art, not only are very popular, it is also approved in Pakistan. Khaadi brands as their kameezes, is a collection of handbags and shoes, and like a local shopping mall in Karachi Gulfway Plaza shoes and trucks also inspired by art bag decorated with brightly colored designs are shown in Truck art motifs are incorporated.example is the use of public transport, less privileged and the rickshaw as a means of public transport buses, and elite wear motifs “.
So how in the fashion world began? Why the designers first used when he started with art? Khan said, “I’ll always love our superb decorated trucks.” Clothing line based on a design first introduced the idea of ??a 2002 Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington, a Pakistani truck after reading about the show is a hit.
“I was very impressed with it. All the trouble, it was a moment of pride for Pakistan. It was the turning point for me and I represented our primary culture of working on the design is decided,” says Khan.
The idea Gulabo, who is a high street fashion brands in the truck with the introduction of art motifs were present in the form of credits. Pakistani culture has insisted that the clothes, Khan states that the display is designed for auto, truck, tangas, decay and poetry scene (usually found in the back of trucks and rickshaws), roses, birds, fish, etc. “just so. Every day, in the back of a bus or truck to see something new.”
This design, with bright faces, women have to wear suits.However, Khan has reiterated that the T-shirts are unisex and are popular with men as well.
This is because the high quality of the clothing included motifs such, people can develop a liking for local elements is interesting to see. “I appreciate the beauty of the art truck after it has made its presence felt in the designer clothes I’ve started. Before, I did not pay attention to details, trucks, art complex, is a 23-year-old Maria Khan , who designed such a claim is hard core fans.



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