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Top Viruses and Virus Hoaxes In July

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It’s a sad fact that some people’s idea of fun is to destroy information on your computer. Like vandals, they get their kicks by breaking things – in this case your computer. To help keep you up to date with the latest news about viruses we have included a newsfeed from Sophos, a well-known producer of anti-virus software. Sky-Webhas no affilation with Sophos, we merely supply this very useful information as a public service. There is usually a 10-12 second delay while the latest news reports are gathered. News is available on : –

  • the latest alerts – recently discovered viruses, which your current anti-virus software may not yet detect (so upgrade it now!)
  • the top ten most common viruses, the ones that you definately must ensure your current anti-virus software can detect
  • virus hoaxes – those annoying email “warnings” that encourage you to pass on worthless information to all your friends, thus filling their email box with lots of identical messages, all equally worthless.
Latest 10 virus alerts
17 Apr Troj/Mdrop-DKE
17 Apr Troj/Sasfis-O
17 Apr Troj/Keygen-FU
17 Apr Troj/Zbot-AOY
17 Apr Troj/Zbot-AOW
17 Apr W32/Womble-E
17 Apr Troj/VB-FGD
17 Apr Troj/FakeAV-DFF
17 Apr Troj/SWFLdr-W
17 Apr W32/RorpiaMem-A
Top 10 viruses in June 2011
1 Troj/Invo-Zip
2 W32/Netsky
3 Mal/EncPk-EI
4 Troj/Pushdo-Gen
5 Troj/Agent-HFU
6 Mal/Iframe-E
7 Troj/Mdrop-BTV
8 Troj/Mdrop-BUF
9 Troj/Agent-HFZ
10 Troj/Agent-HGT
Top 10 virus hoaxes
1 Hotmail hoax
2 Budweiser frogs screensaver
3 Bonsai kitten
4 Olympic torch
5 MSN is closing down
6 A virtual card for you
7 Meninas da Playboy
8 Bill Gates fortune
10 Justice for Jamie

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