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Tips For Natural Eye Makeup

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Natural Eye makeuplook is an important one to master. Many occasions call for subtle or natural looking makeup, from conservative business settings to an early morning dentist appointment. You want to look putting together but don’t want it to be too obvious you are wearing makeup. Here are a few tips for giving your Eyes some definition without looking like you tried too hard.

If you’re stuck in a rut by doing your makeup the same ol’ boring way day in and day out – take this fresh, natural Eye makeup approach. Whether you’re a beginner or simply need a change in your makeup routine, you can learn from this valuable information.

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-Start with a base to neutralize any redness you may have in the Eye area and to help your color last all day without creasing. Eye makeup products like MAC Bare Canvas Paint or Too Faced Shadow Insurance are perfect for prepping your lid for a neutral look.

Swipe a soft neutral shade all over the lid. You can go with a beige, peach, or bone color depending on your skin tone. Matte shades or slightly shimmery ones such as MAC Grain are ideal choices.

-Apply a taupe or brown color in your crease using a rounded crease brush. Avoid red-based browns. A color like MAC Satin Taupe is flattering to most skin tones. After applying, use a blending brush to blend as much as possible so the color fades gradually.

Use a pencil Eye liner in a medium brown color. A soft pencil in a color similar to your lashes like Urban Decay Bourbon or MAC Teddy Eye Kohl gives you the most natural look. A gel liner like the soft shimmery brown MAC Ostentatious applied with a light hand can also look pretty and natural. Liquid liners should be avoided altogether.

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