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The top notch catfights of Bollywood babes

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The entertainment industry is still full of catfights – is Hollywood or Bollywood, or even an industry in a country , one of the many witnesses catfights . It is , so fighting them will happen to be jealous of other women in the nature of women. It is in the entertainment fraternity where the ladies so jealous of others and , ultimately, catfights masses in titles often compartmentalized.

Well, these catfights also be made for the sake of advertising, because it is a shortcut to fame, the women of the house with gas are much more aware so that sharpen their claws to attack others. The thing is, to make the paparazzi, which is established titles , and all these stories are mostly female celebrities with the popularity of mammoth are often published in the tabloids awarded among the masses. Spices added to these extra dose struggles wing renowned celebrities ” so that the other is kept blissfully dead women . One side is to throw dirt, and on the other , still deserves a good feeling to within the advertising that promoted will.

( As mentioned above the natural jealousy factor ) on the other side of the story , often quarrels between the ladies of the light world are made in cash .

As an analyst , this fun activity , I often find these catfights of the leading actresses of life Showbiz – both Bollywood and Hollywood. With my experience of over ten years, I agree with what I said above , namely , the catfights among women conducted in two modes – ” provided (for advertising) and in real both modes, the popularity graph of the famous. ” shooting through the roof.

Some famous women fighting occurred among women most prominent Bollywood in recent years, I scribble .

Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor were not friends Don Post . Catfight recently erupted between the two women in a training function a ceremony awards ” Piggy Chops greatest when obvious jealousy Kareena hit , took the jokes and wood for punctuality delayed so excited that finally for food Kareena led practice time . I’m threatened to leave the show . Shah Rukh Khan was there, fortunately, that has resolved the issue between the two .

Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma has recently landed in a silent battle that had turned violent , but fortunately the cooling problem . This is what happened to a man who shared the common makeup . Anushka had to take up with her in London for the filming of a movie. Katrina initially agreed , but soon the time came, she moved approval and it was not possible to go anywhere with Anushka man , who could do nothing but anger that Kat has a hand of fat in it (you know Sallu Bhai …. us) .

The dogfight between Bipasha Basu and Katrina Kaif was well screened at the shooting was under way in New York. Bipasha John Abraham was one of those days, I could not bear the end of his girlfriend Katrina .

Katrina Kaif and Catfight Sonkashi Sinha entered the scene a few months ago , when speculation arises that if you score Katrina Sonakshi to do about Katrina loops according to their chart success of Dabangg any brand once. Sonakshi SMSed Kat also clarify things, but they have not responded at all a grudge in his heart .

Sonam Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai was Catfight media and tabloid press , a few years ago when Aishwarya refused the red carpet with new sensation and sizzling Bollywood beauty Sonam Kapoor on the red carpet race screened at Cannes Film Festival , France .

Fury was developed between the two actresses , as Sonam say “aunt” and catch it Aishwaray L’Oréal . Finally , the brand was then signed both as a brand ambassador . The battle was finally resolved by Abhishek Bachchan .

Do not share a pleasant atmosphere and Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranaut . Not even together and see if they accidentally ran into each other , slides from that of the other side. The problem between the two actresses is that they are both in that they were the great ladies of fashion. Priyanka even before categorically say in the media that they are not the main role in the film Kangana . This offended many Ranaut .

The hostility of Aishwarya Rai and Rani Mukherjee is visible in the media and the masses. It began when Aishwarya Shah Rukh Khan Chalte Chalte output was signed , but eventually the project was Rani . The thing is cool, but how a woman can tolerate the woman who was her husband once , hmmm ! You all know Rani and Abhishek were before entering Aishwarya of her life.

Ameesha Patel and Kareena Kapoor both have no friends at all since the beginning . This is because Kareena was the first choice of Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai Rakesh Roshan for , but at the last minute for Roshan Ameesha launched focused on your vehicle dismissed with first child. Ameesha career peaked shortly after the release , while Kareena those days was an average star . So how far the glory of a newcomer could be swallowed by a child of the famous family ?

We recently learned of the catfight between Deepika Padukone and Chitrangda Singh happened during the filming of Desi Boyz when both insisted on wearing the same clothes , land administrator in big trouble caused . The two ladies then denied catfights in the media.

The catfights are the active part of the part of the show and this is the sign that the female in the entertainment industry .

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