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The rude side of the Bollywood stars to journalists

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Stars’ moods are always unpredictable. You cannot figure out them at all. Their moods swing all the time – sometimes the stars are in super cool mood and the others, they show the rude side to them – the side to stardom. Well, if they do not show their mood, how can they be called stars? Thus they have to portray the rude side to the public and even to the journalists as well. Often you get to hear that some leading star did bad with a reporter or simply gave the journalist a big blow. These things also happen with the stars. Stars’ getting physical or abusive with the journalists normally happens in reaction to the bad manners by the reporters or when the celebs get really irked by the bombastic personal questions to the stars. And often it is also seen when there is no mistake of a media person, but the star reacts physically – this happens when a celeb is not in a good state of mind.

Well, this cat and mouse play keeps happening between the celebrities and the journalists. The fact of the matter is that both are incomplete to each other since both rely too heavily on each other.

The journalists interview the stars and usually it is done on the sets during the free time of the shootings. And when a video interview is required to air on the channel, the celebs come to the channel or the hosts hit their space.

Often the journalists land into the need of the telephonic interviews of the celebrities. Well, the celebs are always open to this type of communication as well. But it is normally seen that till 11 at night, most of the celebrities let the journalists have the interview and after this time, there is no knocking at all. It is undoubtedly good since they have their personal life to spend and they have to take rest and sleep at night. But there are certain celebrities who act super rude when a journalist calls them after 11 p.m.

Since I am associated with this trade of film business being an analyst of movies and television, I often have to communicate with the celebrities for my stories.

The celebrities’ rudeness, I too have experienced in my career. And most interestingly, the celebrities, who show rudeness, are the one who still are struggling to do their mark in the entertainment industry. By showing so, they pretend to be the biggest stars, who in actual they are not. They are yet to work hard to be the same.

One of the female film shows’ hosts flaunted this type of behavior to me way back in 2005 when she was doing some shows on a prominent TV channel. These days, this host is nowhere – don’t know where she has gone? I had to call her for two to three times for some stories I was writing on the channel and the show she was hosting. I was sharing a good friendly rapport with that lady since we shared even SMS’s as well. My calls were during day time. One night, I gave her a call around 11:05 p.m. or something keeping in mind our good friendly rapport. She picked up the phone and I introduced her, the lady at the other side of the phone simply refused to comment on my questions on the point that you called after 11 at night. I did not mind it at all but what I did mind was her stern attitude. It was like as if I was talking to some bigger star.

I have talked to many big celebrities in my film journalism career and often I do so as it is the demand of my work. And I can safely say that the big stars are more humble than the struggling ones. Even the likes of Bipasha Basu, who I phoned two or three times for her comments and even I gave calls after 11 at night. Even she was busy but she very politely asked me to call the other day.

Well, these are the moods of the stars, which always swing. Since they are actors, thus there are multiple masks on their face – whatever they want to use, they do with!

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