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The New Apple MacBook Air

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The new Apple MacBook is the world’s thinnest notebook, which will surely make you tech-savvy if you got your eyes on it! Such slimness, such beauty is beyond appreciation!

Not only does the updated MacBook Air come with next generation processors, it will also be able to handle high-speed data transmissions thanks to the inclusion of the new Thunderbolt I/O technology, in addition to a backlit keyboard to let you work late into the night without any light in the background, and Mac OS X Lion doing the brunt of the work to keep everything together – software-wise, of course.

In addition to that, the new MacBook Air will come in 11” and 13” models. Plus, what makes it so beautiful in its ultra slim style! And you can easily slip it into a briefcase, purse or bad. Boasting of a durable aluminum unibody enclosure that measures an incredibly thin 0.11? at its thinnest point, you won’t find any hard drives inside this puppy so that the thin profile can be maintained.

Instead, the MacBook Air relies on flash memory to help it be able to turn on instantly while delivering fast data access, improved reliability and better energy efficiency. If you are feeling flush and want the “best” model, then be prepared to fork out $1,599 for the 1.7 GHz 13? MacBook Air that has 4GB RAM and 256GB of flash storage! All that you can get in $999 upwards, depending on the kind of specifications and hardware that you decide to cram inside.

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