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Temporary Tattoos

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A tattoo is a great alternative for those who do not get to have the stomach for the real thing . One of the many advantages of temporary tattoos is that no needles are needed, and therefore require no pain.

It is therefore a very attractive option for many . If you have an aversion to intentional infliction of pain and suffering , then a temporary tattoo of several options may be right for you.

Stickers are the most common and least expensive options for temporary body art. These can be found in gumball machines Cracker Jack boxes everywhere. Quick and easy to use, these tattoos usually last several days, but can be washed before, if you want.

The tag is in the head on a piece of cardboard, then placed on the skin . Wetting Case bumper transmits the cardboard strip to the skin.

If you remove the card , shown above left, behind the sticker. The process is very simple, painless and takes about 30 seconds.

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