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Techniques For Beautiful And Attractive Eyes

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Eye makeup is one of the most important parts in the overall cosmetic application technique. If you know how to apply eye make up which is suitable for your own; you could highly cheer up your appearance and attractiveness.
1. Choose the right eye shadow suitable for you

Eye shadows are mainly classified into cream type and powder type. Powder type eye shadow is more suitable for higher age or with oily skin type. A complete lady may have more wrinkles around the eyes. It should be noted that cream type eye shadow would be more easily hidden into the wrinkles and darken the lines around the eyes. Besides, the cream type eye shadow would be more easily dissolve in oily skin and is less long-lasting.
2. Choose the right color

A brownish eye shadow is generally a natural selection for daylight. If you

Techniques For Beautiful And Attractive Eyes

are presence some formal nighttime parties, then it have to be matched with your dress’s color and usually a brighter color is suitable. It is not necessary to match exactly the same color with your dress, but they should be under the same color ranges. Although there are a lot of colors for choice on the market, you may not find the one which is most suitable for yourself. Then you could use your creativeness to develop your own color by mixing 2 different colored eye shadows.
3. Skillfully apply the eyeliner

After you ended applying the eye shadow, the next step would be wearing the eyeliner. Choose of eyeliner application includes eyeliner pencil, eyeliner liquid and eyeliner cream, and they have different usage and functions. Eyeliner pencil would be the most easily to use, and have the most naturally effect. However, it is reasonably less long-lasting and would be most easily to dissolve. Eyeliner liquid is more long lasting but the appearance would be less normal, and it is more suitable for on-stage use.
4. Framing with mascara

The final step is applying mascara to make your eyes look with good-looking flaps of thick, dark, long eyelashes. The most common problem encountered would be dirtying the lower eyelid by mascara during blinking. It would be easily solved by applying small quantity of dry powder onto the lower eyelid. It would absorb excessive moisture and oil around the eyelid, and prevent dissolving the mascara. If you want to have thickened and attractive eyelashes, you should apply a minute quantity of dry powder onto the eyelashes first and then apply the first layer of mascara. You could repeat this procedure one more time after the first layer of mascara is dried. Use a small eyelash brush to separate the thickened eyelashes.

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