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Tattoos Women

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Woman choose a myriad of tattoo designs from the good to the bad. But the angel tattoo design is one that never works out. One of two things will happen either the tattoo artist will not be skilled enough to carry out the detail of the design, or the person getting the tattoo places it on a body part that should in no wise be tattooed. An angel is basically a portrait tattoo and is at the highest skill level, which is why the majority of angels one sees are ugly tattoos.

Tattoos Women

Stars have to be exact to work as a tattoo. Each line straight, each corner meeting perfectly. This is rarely the case, more often than not the star tattoos that are seen on the public are poorly done and lop sided. Often star designs that look nice at first upon closer inspection will actual be asymmetrical and off balance.

Cupcake and candy tattoos are a trend many a young lady of late have been following. Often a pink cupcake will be placed on the top of the foot in an attempt to look girlish. More often than not these simplistic tattoo designs, meant to cash in on a younger tattoo clientele, leave the wearing feeling flat.

Tattoos Women

Not so much ugly as utterly played out is the skull tattoo with a pink bow on the head.Again this is a design one will often find placed on the foot. At some point young ladies quit looking for cute tattoos and started seeking out tattoos similar to there male friends, this has led to females with skull tattoos and other unflattering images.

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