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Tattoo Inks

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UV Tattoo Ink
Many people ask whether UV reactive tattoo ink is safe for use in tattooing. Or they ask if it is FDA approved. Some tattoo artists think that black light tattoo ink is not legal in some states or countries because it may lack an FDA approval.

The truth is NO TATTOO INK HAS AN FDA APPROVAL FOR USE ON HUMANS. There are some misleading claims about tattoo inks being FDA approved, in fact, even some UV reactive tattoo inks claim to be ‘the first FDA approved ink’ – when in fact it sometimes refers to their manufacturing methods, not the ink itself. Or, it really means ‘approved for use on wildlife, livestock and fish’ for tracking migratory patterns of various species of animal.

Tattoo Inks

Does FDA approve equal ‘legal to use’?

So knowing that NO tattoo inks are FDA approved (in fact, on some tattoo ink bottles they even specify ‘not intended for use in tattooing. User assumes all risk’) we need to ask ‘is it legal’? Yes, it’s legal. Otherwise you simply wouldn’t see tattoo shops all over the place – the ink would be contraband and confiscated pretty quickly. UV inks are not FDA approved, just like regular tattoo ink. That does not make it illegal. It just means “if something goes wrong with your intended usage of the product, don’t come running to us…we didn’t approve of it…”

Tattoo Inks

How do I determine if the ink is safe?

The important thing is to use your head when deciding on a tattoo. The inks most likely will NEVER be approved for tattooing. Think about it – what government body would approve of any foreign substance being willfully left behind in skin by people that are not in the medical profession? Who is going to spend the $money$ to perform rigorous testing on each ink pigment (color) to ensure that a black light tattoo ink or regular tattoo ink poses no risk? So ask your tattoo artist what brand (or brands) of tattoo inks they use. What colors and brands would they use on your tattoo (because sometimes an artist uses yellow from one company, and red from another…). Then start doing your own research – are people discussing the brand in forums on the internet about how a particular color reacted negatively in their skin? If so, it’s best to avoid that color (not necessarily the whole product line). Even better, call a company that sells tattoo supplies and ask them about the inks they sell – they’d usually be your most informed opinion.

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