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Tatto with Names

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Do you want a name tattoo for the simple fact that it looks good on your body? Or do you want a design with real meaning?
Getting a loved one’s name permanently inscribed into your body is a deeply personal act and a very big deal. The name tattoo is not going away in a hurry and you will have to look at that name for the rest of your life.
So should you do it? What could go wrong?
What about not telling your loved one in advance and they are offended by the name tattoo when they see it?

What if the name tattoo artist spells the name incorrectly, or worse still, YOU spell the name incorrectly? How will you explain that to your loved one?

Tatto with Names

If your relationship breaks down in the future your going to be stuck with a name tattoo of a memory. If the relationship was negative towards the end of it’s time it will be a painful reminder. What are you gonna do, name tattoo a red line through the name?

I’m not saying you should stay away from this style of name tattoo. I have them. What I’m trying to impart is the need to REALLY THINK this through before committing.

Tatto with Names

Make sure that the person you are commemorating KNOWS what you are about to do. There is nothing worse than shoving your forearm in front of your partner at the dinner table and saying, “do you like my new tat, I love you!” They might like the sentiment but perhaps not the style of the design.

In letting them know of your intentions beforehand you are involving them in the process. Let them have some sort of input into the design, perhaps choose the style. Let them accompany you to the parlour and watch it being created.

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