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Salwar Kameez Latest Fashion For Eid 2012

Salwar Kameez Latest Fashion For Eid 2012Latest Fashion of Salwar Kameez for Eid Collection Indian Clothing is characterized by its riot of colors and a vibrant look that it imparts. Since turquoise successfully achieves this, turquoise is quite a favorite amongst Indian Designers who consider this shade great for Indian. Salwar Kameez Latest Fashion For Eid Latest Fashion salwar kameez Eid, […]

Salwar Kameez Designs for Eid

Salwar Kameez Designs for EidSalwar Kameez Designs for Eid: Eid al-Fitr, often abbreviated to Eid is a Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan, the Muslim holy month of fasting. “Eid” is “the party” an Arabic word meaning, while “Fitr” means “break the fast” and then holiday symbolizes the breaking of the fasting period. It is celebrated after […]

Silk Salwar Kameez Designs for Eid

Silk Salwar Kameez Designs for EidSilk is a protein fiber and usually burns readily, not necessarily with a steady flame and smells like burning hair, the most commonly used in all types of Indian salwar kameez, saris, but most of the lehenga wedding, wedding salwar kameez embroidered salwar kameez. The ash is easily crumbled. Samples of the silk is not […]

Churidar Salwar Kameez for Eid

Churidar Salwar Kameez for EidChuridar salwar kameez for Eid festivelis very common now a days. This style is very similar to traditional salwar kameez, pant, but with a difference. In this case, tight pants load on your knees and ankles. Churidar Salwar Kameez for Eid It’s more to play with long legs, so it looks good on tall women.Churidar […]

Latest Anarkali Eid Fashion

Latest Anarkali Eid FashionThe Anarkali salwar kameez is perhaps the perfect example of how vintage fashion can create such a huge come back. It is little surprise that the Anarkalie kameez soared instantly in being one of the most liked Indian Outfits in recent times, considering the timeless beauty and appeal of its silhouette. Latest Anarkali Eid Fashion […]

Pakistani Designer Salwar Kameez For Eid

Pakistani Designer Salwar Kameez For EidWhat better Eid outfit than a Designer Pakistani Salwar Kameez flaunting its opulence and grandeur! The festival of Eid is an important Muslim festival that marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan. After the month long Ramzan fasting, all the Muslim men, women and children indulge in festivities that they had been eagerly […]

Eid Designer Salwar Kameez 2012

Eid Designer Salwar Kameez 2012The ethnic styles of Eid designer kameez have taken the world by storm. The Indian salwar and kameez is a very comfortable outfit and is admired by most of the Indian women. The designer Salwar and Sarees, a product of famous designers, are fast becoming the main attraction across the globe. Ready to wear as […]

Casual Salwar Kameez For Eid

Casual Salwar Kameez For EidIndian casual salwar kameez For Eid are available in numerous designs and colors. Salwar Kameez is most commonly used dress in casual wear. Indian/Pakistani Eid casual salwar kameez are made on printed fabrics and fabrics with embroidery work. Normally embroidery with thread work is done on casual indaia salwar kameez. Casual Salwar Kameez For Eid […]

Pakistani Salwar Kameez Fashion For Eid

Pakistani Salwar Kameez Fashion For EidPakistani fashion is known for its abundance and therefore required the design of Pakistan, it is ideal Eid outfit. Pakistani designer salwar kameez is perhaps the most desired place for women Eid. While not drastic, but there is a slight difference between the Indian and Pakistani salwar kameez. Unlike India salwar kameez which is the […]

Eid Salwar Kameez Collection 2012

Eid Salwar Kameez Collection 2012Eid is a festival where comfort is the first position to be stressed on while picking outfits for the celebrations. Unlike Other Pakistani festivals, Eid Clothes are quite plain and simple owing to the nature of the celebrations. In the mornings, people indulge in boisterous Eid celebrations dressed in plain white clothes. The reason for […]

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