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Girls Earrings

Girls EarringsThere are numerous ways to manifest love. One of the most common ways is to present Earing gifts. Sometimes passions are expressed thru diamond rings; sometimes thru diamond necklace; sometimes thru diamond bracelet and sometimes thru  Girls earrings. An Girls earring is an ornament that is worn in the ear. The earrings are usually worn in ear through a piercing in […]

Silver Necklace

Silver NecklaceThe occasion predominate your necklace choice. For instance, a heavy necklace is perfect for a traditional occasion, whereas its thinner, simpler counterpart goes well for a casual or formal event. However, factors such as your shoulders and neck structure must also be considered before finalizing a necklace. If you have broad shoulders, select a broader, […]

Gold Earings

Gold EaringsAn Gold earring is an ornament that is worn in the ear. The earrings are usually worn in ear through a piercing in the earlobe or some other external part of the ear. The clip earring is clipped onto the ear lobe. The earrings are worn by both genders, although women more commonly wear them.The Goldearrings are often made out of precious metals or […]

HOLIDAY CHEER Necklace Collection By Truly Unique

HOLIDAY CHEER Necklace Collection By Truly UniqueTrulyUnique collection celebrating the spirit of the holidays! Check back often for new designs, styles, and holiday fashion fun. Custom, hand-crafted Pendants, Necklaces, Earrings, Bookmarks & Caps that are TrulyUnique & One-Of-A-Kind. All in one place and the collection we are going to share with you is all about Christmas jewelry collection and we want […]

Bon Ton Earrings

Bon Ton EarringsBon Ton Earrings In this dainty pair, bows of sterling silver plated with 18k rose gold are fashioned to create a lace-effect. The bows look adorable next to faceted rondelles of smoky quartz. For pierced ears. Your Price: $195.00 written by Anjum Contact Info

“The Apple Tree” Enamel Earrings

“The Apple Tree” Enamel Earrings“The Apple Tree” Enamel Earrings Gabriella Rivalta’s love for nature and distinctive talent come together to create an enchanting set. A golden apple has fallen not too far from its tree. The lovely charms are hand-painted on 18k gold while adorable details, such as a carved leaf (of jade) and a dainty dragonfly, swing freely […]

“Forget-Me-Not” Enamel Earrings

“Forget-Me-Not” Enamel Earrings“Forget-Me-Not” Enamel Earrings A lovely bouquet of forget-me-not inspired the creation of these hand-painted enameled earrings. The earrings also feature 18k yellow gold and a teardrop of rock crystal. For pierced ears. Your Price: $1,650.00 written by Anjum Contact Info

Different Types of Earrings

Different Types of EarringsAccessories are considered a way to help increase the beauty of a woman. There are different types of accessories, which are seen these days like bracelets, armlets, scarves, anklet etc. Earring is one type of accessory wearing which a woman will look beautiful and stylish. Different types of earrings are available in the market. With […]

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