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Swedish Women Hijab Style

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Swedish hijab style ;There is a fact, when it comes to most trends, Swedes always catch it long before Norwegians do. They are more successful with music and with fashion, and even with furniture No doubt trendy hijab has hit much harder there than here!I know you know many of these girls, tell them that I really love their style !

Swedish Women Hijab Style

Especially the one of Mejsa Chaaraoui, she rocks. Mejsa is a hijab stylist! Like Sweden has got hijab stylists.I mean we have got the hijab designing Badrkhans, but no offence, their design is not the hippest or most flattering around. Still it’s good. Positive focus on hijab in the media can’t be bad…

What do you think about the style? Is Sweden catching up with hijab fashion on an international level???

Swedish Women Hijab Style

I have been wearing hijab since I was about 12 or 13 years-old and I can honestly say that I’ve heard more negative comments about it from Muslim women than from non-Muslims. None of these women actually wore the hijab and their reasons for not doing so range from “the hijab makes my hair fall out” to “I will start wearing hijabs once I’m out of college”… I wouldn’t say that I’ve heard a lot of these comments, but I’ve heard enough of them.


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