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Stylish Patola Saree Fashion

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PatolaSaree sget their origin from Patan, a place inside Gujarat.Patolasareesare specially hand madesaree sthat are shaped in large number in Patan.Patolasareesare quite popular for its delicate, beautiful as well as clear pattern that is done with great accuracy and skill. produce patola sareesas per design and pattern takes time as they are made with handlooms. In case, the design of thesareeis very hard as well as the length of the saree is more, then it may require more skills as well as time for production.Patola sarees have composite, five-color designs, resist dyed into both warp and weft threads before weaving and thereby resulting in a complete reversible fabric. The sarees are created with great precision as well as fineness by the artisans of the western region.

Stylish Patola Saree Fashion

The history dictates thatPatolasareeshave been quietly made since the thirteenth century and have always aristocratic or ritualistic associations. The walls of some of the south Indian temples likeMattancheriinKerelaandPadmanabhapuramin Tamil Nadu does contain 18th century depictions ofPatoladesigns. It is believed that Gujarat had been exporting Patola Sarees since the dawn of fourteenth century. In the early times, these high-status sarees were worn by theVohrasand well-off Jains and Hindus for weddings as well as other propitious occasions. However, slowly and steadily, thePatolasareesbecame the status mark with Gujarati girls thereby becoming an essential part of the women closet.Patola sarees offer a range of designs.

Stylish Patola Saree Fashion

The designs are quite repetitive at a great deal and quite often geometric patterns are vied in the sarees. Majorly, the designs of this saree do fell into three types including purely geometric forms depicting Islamic architectural embellishments and ajrak like navratna bhat. Other designs incorporated in thePatolasareesare the flowery and vegetable patterns. All these catered to the needs of the Muslim market that in turn shunned the very depiction of animals as well as people like Vohra bhat, paan bhat andchhabdibhat. ThePatolasareesare quite designed with patterns depicting forms as the nari,kiinjarandpopat. Vohra Muslims generally wear Patola sarees as their wedding dress. TheMaharashtrianBrahmins wearNariKunjsareesof plain, dark-color body as well as borders of the sarees embellished with women and bird motifs.

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