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Star Tattoos for Girls

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Stars have always been mysterious and awe inspiring, even up to this today with science to help us understand what they are and how they function. That’s why, they have been one of the most popular tattoo designs for girls; their brightness and beauty are just hard to resist. Moreover, stars are universal symbols that can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people, their representation vary widely and they are not tied to a single interpretation.

Star Tattoos for Girls

Star tattoos are great choice for first timers or tat newbies who are anxious about the whole tattooing process. When started out as a miniature design, they are quick to finish and relatively inexpensive. They can be inked small but yet the impact it can create can be quite sensual and interesting especially if they are tattooed on a sexy part of the body. They are versatile patterns that can be executed by the tattoo artist with an incredible range of styles, sizes, shapes and colors.

Star Tattoos for Girls

Star tattoo for girls can be a sign of aspiration and goals in their life that they set to achieve. They can also be a representation of themselves as being ambitious, rebellious, daring or sexy. In many cases, suffice it to say, they are chosen sometimes to transcend the purely decorative part of it-they are just so plain cute and pretty as what most girls want. They can be tattooed in the body either as a single star, a shooting star or a starburst. They can commonly be found on small areas of the body like the foot and wrist and sexy parts like the shoulder blade, hip, and lower stomach.

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