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Solar and Wind Power : Thinking Green

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It seems that everyday the utility companies are asking more for electricity and the water companies want more for their services; and we keep paying them. So which one is it keep paying them or live in something that’s more efficient.

I have lived in many different places/homes and realized that ‘homes’ aren’t built that well. They don’t have your best interests in mind; when the house is built, it’s built with money in mind- money now, not your money later.

If you take in to account all the heat or cold air that escapes your home, money that’s bought and paid for… yeah, cause you paid to heat or cool that air. Same with electricity and water- there’s got to be a better way… something that’s fair.

It’s not that difficult to believe that a home can be made to be completely self sufficient, or highly efficient. Here’s some things that I’m keeping an eye on for when I build a new home.


Electricity [Solar/Wind]

I believe it’s clear that the HVAC draw the most from your wallet. The fans, the compressors, the lines, the hot the cold and it really never seems to work good enough- and you pay out the nose for it!

But the things I have been giving attention to are the Solar and the Wind options…

image thumb12 Thinking Green: Solar and Wind PowerSolar just keeps getting better and better. It’s production rates keep climbing like every 6 months or more; bit by bit. And it is possible to use solar to supplement the electricity, but if you can use wind as well; that’d be great too.

So, in my next place I’d like to see if I can solar panels to bring in a little extra juice to the house.

The more batteries that can be used with the array, the more I can store and long my stuff will run. But my house uses a lot of power.

And obvious idea is to not use so much, or do without a few things; unplug a bunch of items that aren’t in direct use.

Solar is attractive to me because the United States government is issuing credits for it and there’s tax breaks for attempting to make your house more efficient.


Going solar isn’t something you’re going to see an instant return on your investment; you should see your return in the amount of money you save each month in not paying an utility bill… [a lower one]

image thumb13 Thinking Green: Solar and Wind PowerWind mills fascinate me.






A lot of places use wind mills as nothing more than decoration; and it’s such a waste. To me, there’s nothing but waste when I see a wind mill, in the middle of a field spinning like crazy and it’s not doing anything.

It could be powering a shed, a light, feeding a small home or running a water pump for irrigation. That’s what they were actually of, but people seem to have forgot that. Now they’re just for looks.


image thumb14 Thinking Green: Solar and Wind PowerIn places where there’s a constant breeze [10-15 mph], every house should have a small wind mill on it. Again, solar by itself can’t sustain a home, but if there’s an option to supplement that; we should make an attempt take advantage of it.

I believe most people are embarrassed by the fact of having a wind mill on their house.

Are they embarrassed that they don’t want to pay for electricity like everyone else? Are they embarrassed that they’re actually attempting to SAVE money and be smarter about their environment?

I don’t know, but what’s more disturbing is that HOA [home owners associations] prohibit the installation of these; for aesthetic reasons.

I believe if everyone had one, and everyone had solar panels, and they all shared in a local electrical grid, and ONE person didn’t – that’d be wrong.

Given the option, I believe more people would choose Green options.

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