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Sofa Bed

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A sofa bed is a very useful piece of furniture, especially if your home is small as it is so multi-functional; doubling up as not only somewhere to sit, but also somewhere to sleep. However, when buying a sofa bed all the terms and names can seem a bit confusing so here is our guide to different types of sofa beds.













Flip over
These sofa beds don’t have a separate mattress and instead the sofa seat flips onto the floor to make up the sleeping area. There are lots of different types of flip sofa bed and some will even incorporate the back of the sofa into the sleeping area.

The main advantage to the flip-over sofa bed is that is so easy to use, and because there is no folding mechanism there is less chance of things like trapped fingers. Because it is so easy to use, it is perfect for kid’s rooms as an additional guest bed. However, as the sleeping area is so low to the ground it is not ideal for use by anyone with mobility issues.

They also tend to not have arms and look less like a traditional sofa so if you are looking for something that will serve as a functional sofa as well a fold out may be better for your needs.

Fold out
Unlike a flip over sofa bed these have a separate mattress. The bed is at the bottom of the sofa and when it is needed you simply remove the cushions pull on a handle and the mattress will come out. The bed also has fold out legs so is nearer in height to a normal bed than its counterparts.
These beds actually look like sofas and offer all the comfort of an ordinary sofa so are perfect for the living room and are truly dual purpose. They are also a better height than a flip over sofa bed thanks to the legs. However, they are usually the most expensive type of sofa bed, so if you are on a budget they may not be the best bet. They also have a fold up mechanism which can lead to trapped fingers in places like kids rooms.

Drop end
Like flip over sofa beds there is no separate mattress with these beds instead you drop a lever and the sides fold down to create a chaise lounge style bed. They are really simple to use and are great if you haven’t got much floor space as they aren’t much bigger than as a bed than they are as a sofa perfect for compact spaces. If you are looking for a cheap sofa bed of good quality then please visit They have a great collection of sofa beds to choice from.



























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