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Snake Tattoo Designs

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Animal tattoos
are forever in! Whether it’s a dragontattoo, panthertattoo, koifishtattoo or a snaketattoo, the distinctive character and meanings of these tattoos have always daunted tattoo lovers. Given below is a pithy in sequence on snaketattoodesigns and their meanings.


Snake Tattoo Meanings

Snakes tattoos are connected with both positive and negative meanings. According to some myths, serpents played an central role in the design of planets of the Universe. Snakes are measured as icons of knowledge and perception in most of the cultures all around the world. According to Greek mythology, snakes were related to the moon goddess. One of the most typical self of snakes is, shedding the skin. This feature is linked with rebirth and renaissance. Snakes are consider to have both feminine and masculine symbolic meanings. According to some cultures, a snake bears feminine self and is consider as the goddess of death and birth. Snakes are worshiped and are held sacred by Native Americans, Africans and Australian aboriginals. Snakes also symbolize some negative meanings which include darkness, craftiness and treachery.

Snake Tattoo Designs

As mention earlier, snake tattoos are stretchy and flexible in nature. Cobras, pythons, rattlesnakes, etc., are some of the popular designs used for tattooing. King Cobras are very noxious and are some of the longest snakes that can reach up to 18 feet. You can have a nice King Cobra tattoo on your arm with a three dimensional effect. There are many cobra snake tattoo designs like, you can have a tattoo where the cobra is about to attack or, a cobra that wraps around its eggs, shielding them from predators. Snake tattoos can be pooled with other tattoo designs like skulls tattoos. A combination of skull and snake tattoo designs make some of the best gangsta tattoos that portray the evil and dark side of the underworld.

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