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Silver Brooches

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SilverBrooches are perfect for certain individuals who are allergic to any kind of jewelry when in touch to their skin. Brooches can make a bold statement to your look without causing allergic reaction because it will not require you to be worn on your body. You only need it to attach to your clothing or scarf whether formal or informal attire. Perfect for wedding brides and bridesmaids. A single piece of silver brooch complimented with crystals, gemstones or diamonds can elaborate the look of your simple dress. Even an old dress can stand out. Brooches are available from affordable to very expensive worth especially if it is adorned with diamonds.


Basically, brooches are made from silver and other metals – the basic forms are often coated with colorful enamels or encrusted with crystals and stones. The silver is at least 93% to 95% silver combined with pure copper. Jewelry is considered sterling when it contains 92.5% silver in its production. All silver must be mixed with another metal to be used as wearable jewelry, otherwise it is too soft.

Brooches can go anywhere – on a coat, a cardigan, a bag, a pair of heels, a belt, on a scarf, on a dress, in your hair and even on a wedding cake! Brooches were actually pins created to hold the fabric together, however, you can wear these at almost any occasion. Brooches can be worn in various number of ways. You can wear it on your shoulder around the scarf on your neck, they look good as well on the fabric waist band, at the back of your waist and you can even use it to accessorized your hair. They give classic and glamorous look to your outfit with less effort, even a casual or simple attire can look dressy and elegant with silver brooches.

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