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Silk Salwar Kameez

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Silk salwar kameez is elegant. Today, owning a silk salwar qamiz / kameez meant not only the initial price of the garment, but also the cost of dry cleaning. All are washable silk salwar kameez. Silk is a natural size that is released during the washing with warm water.


Most silk salwar kameez can be washed by hand. Technically, silk salwar kameez is not limited to other tissues like salwar kameez. If the fabric is not firm, washing silk salwar kameez with a tighter weave …. Thus, the light silk can be improved by washing, and will strengthen your frame. A thick silk salwar kameez will not “reduce” or “reduce” much less. Silk salwar kameez, however, can be reduced if the fabric is not washed prior to construction of the garment. When washing silk salwar kameez, do not wring but roll in a towel. Silk Salwar kameez dries quickly but should not be placed in an automatic dryer unless the fabric is dried in an automatic dryer prior to construction of the garment.


A good shampoo works well on silk salwar kameez. It will remove oil and revitalize your silk salwar kameez.

Although elegant, silk salwar kameez should be handled with salwar care.Silk Kameez can get yellow and fade with use of an iron frame. Press cloths and a steam iron is recommended. Silk salwar kameez is also weakened by sunlight and perspiration.

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