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Short Sleeve Salwar Kameez

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SalwarKameez, undoubtedly, is one of the most convenient Indian outfits for women. Since most of the women are pursuing their own career and remaining outdoors for a major portion of the day, the need for a practical outfit has led to the rampant use ofSalwarsor Churidars instead of Sarees. It is common knowledge thatSalwarsor Churidars are much more appropriate for women who need to move around a lot and that they do not get the same comfort from a Saree.

Each year brings with it new fashion trends and style. As these trends impact the look of other outfits, they influence the design of aSalwarsor Churidars as well. In aSalwar Kameezor ChuridarKameez,sleevesare often experimented with. Traditionally, theKameezfeatured long sleeves or three quartersleeves. With time, thesleevegot shorter which resulted in shortsleevesand then, finally, into sleevelessShalwar Kameezsor ChuridarKameezs. Since many women with conservative tastes might find themselvesa bit uncomfortable in asleeveless Salwar Kameezsor ChuridarKameezs, short sleevesSalwar Kameezor ChuridarKameezhave become quite popular since it appeals to most women and majority of women find it most comfortable.

When it comes to Casual WearShalwar Kameezor Churidar Kameez, shortsleevesare the best option. It becomes highly uncomfortable to go about ones routine work in fullsleevesor longsleeves. Apart from making one feel hot and stuffy, longsleevesrestrict the easy movement of arms to a certain extent. Shortsleevesare also ideal for monsoons since they dry up much quickly. On the contrary, if one gets wet in the rain wearing aShalwarKameezor ChuridarKameezfeaturing long sleeves, it would take ages for thesleevesto dry up which would result in a messy look.

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