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Shoes For Women

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Women label their shoes in their own way. Their fashion sense makes them label shoes according to the dress they go with. They have shoes for the ‘little black dress’ and they have shoes for ‘shorts’ and they have shoes for ‘cropped pants’ and so on. Footwear comes in my styles, colours and shapes and most people find it difficult to find the most perfect pair of shoes. To help you out and to make your life easier here is a list of the most essential shoes for women.

The list of essential shoes for women:

  • Shoes for your little black dress: these are probably the most essential pair of shoes because every woman has at least one black dress whether that dress is a party dress or a dress for office. For your little black dress you want a low heeled black pump pair. These pumps are comfortable and absolutely a must have for every woman’s shoe collection. This shoe will save your day when a glamorous sandal is not the right thing for the situation or the event. You can wear your black pumps to an unplanned dinner, a funeral or even a professional meeting.
  • The neutral pumps:
    your plain and simple black pumps are not going to match with all outfits so what you need is a neutral colour. If you want to complete your collection of basic shoes for women then pumps in a neutral colour are a must have. The neutral colour should not be white. You can go for colours like beige, grey and light brown. They are very classy and perfect for every season.

Shoes For Women

  • Casual yet not casual flats: you want something in your shoe collection that is somewhere between casual and not casual. You want something that goes with jeans and a shirt and yet makes your outfit look a little bit dressy. What you need is a pretty skimmer pair of flats. These flats are available in many colours both bright and dark and they are also available in a variety of materials.

Shoes For Women

  • The absolute necessity- black heels: the black heels are the ones that will never go out of fashion in shoes for women. They are not strappy or glamorous, they are basic shoes, plain and simple but they are the most essential part of your wardrobe. They are stunning and classic and are life savers when you cannot find the right shoe to match your dress for the evening party. They are a versatile pair of shoes and a must have for every woman.

Shoes For Women

  • The attention seeker shoesHigh heeled shoe: these are the show stopper shows. If you want to grab attention at the next party you are going to then you must have these shoes. These shoes are meant for special events and do not match with all outfits. Shoes of this kind are best in colours such as silver and golden.

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