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Shawls design,How to tie a shawl! Knowing how to accessorize and be creative with your fashion style used to be an activity that was limited by your own imagination. However, with the emergence of the internet, the celebrity paparazzi, and the fashion blogs… has given the public a free catalog to newer and fresher fashion looks.

Wrapping it around your neck and maybe tying it up in a knot are the more commonly known way of wrapping a shawl. Although these are still fashionable, there are so many more expressive and creative ways to wearing a shawl. People have gone beyond their limits and dared to be bold which has created new avenues of style and fashion.

One new way of how to wrap a shawl is to get a short one and wrap it around your whole arm. In a way, the effect makes it seem like you have a sleeve patterned after the design of your shawl. Stereotypically, using a shawl in such a way can be considered very street and funky. Often you will see break danci.An example of what you can find on the net is how to wrap a shawl in different ways… and because of the internet… your creativity is greatly expanded.

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