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Saudi Abaya Latest Collection

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In those days women wore dresses that revealed their necks, chests, even breasts as well as other parts of their bodies. They also drew their veils backwards while leaving the front parts wide open (understandable in the crushing desert heat).

Saudi Abaya Latest Collection

Consequently, when Islam arrived, they were ordered to draw their veils forward to cover their chest and to protect women from acts of disrespect.Islamic dresses and upper wears are progressively confined more and more market,

Saudi Abaya Latest Collection

and the dresses and upper wears now wearing in most of western and non Muslim countries also. Islamic dresses and upper wears includes shalwar, hijab, abaya, jilbab and kaftan etc.All these Islamic dresses contains Burqa / Hijab Designs as well as Abaya 2011-12 and Kaftans/ Caftan Collection for Muslim ladies as well as fashion trend.

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