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Right bed for tall people

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Having your toes sticking out the end of the bed must be really infuriating. Not being able to spread out because your limbs are too long must really interrupt your sleep. So what is the best kind of beds for taller individuals?













Obviously the larger the bed you can get the better. But do take care that you are not purchasing a wider than average bed, rather than a longer than average. Read the information carefully and evaluate what size is best for you. According to research the longest bed on the market is the California King sized bed. This measures at 72” wide and 84” long which works out as seven foot long, a luxury for many tall people. However, these are quite hard to come by and come at a great cost.














My final advice would be to try them out before you buy. Go to a bed store and see which beds suit your height. Then scout around for the best price,
















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