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Purses and Handbags

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All Juicy Couture bags are fun, fabulous and highly sought after. And it’s no wonder, when you check out their range. From the quality of their design to their unique appeal, Couture handbags have been hung on the arms of women everywhere – from the famous to the not so famous.  

And any woman would find a Juicy bag almost irresistible, more so if you’ve got a passion for handbags. And the brand covers both a woman’s need to own a beautiful piece of arm candy yet, at the same time, they’re an affordable designer handbag.

The entire range, past and present, have always been about two things – distinctive yet uber stylish. Many come in vibrant colors, dripping with appliqué and handbag charms. In many ways, your choice in handbags reflects your sense of style and personal taste and if you love Juicy Couture, no doubt you’re an avid follower of fashion – no bad thing for any woman.

Juicy Couture is luring me to this simple, yet stylish straw and grosgrain tote, and sense it won’t break the bank, I feel absolutely no remorse. bags are the essential summer accessory, invoking images of the beach or poolside, and handy for such locations since they can simply dry with no damage if they get wet.

No so with heavier materials like leather. Also I’m a sucker for charms. It’s one of the reasons I love Lavina bags (they always have a coin charm) and it’s part of the allure of this tote. Since this isn’t a serious bag, the clam and octopus charms lend an air of whimsical appeal.

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