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Perfumes For Women

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Women are very particular when it comes to scents. Popular perfumes are often marketed according to women’s distinctive tastes which are not always that easy to determine since one fragrance doesn’t suit all.

While it is important to look your best when trying to attract a mate, the pheromones found in ladies perfume are an important factor in attracting the opposite sex. The power of scent is important to all species, and perfumes employ this power to not only make a woman feel sexy, but to draw men to her.

Michael Edwards is one of the world’s leading authorities in fragrances. Famously known as a “fragrant gypsy“, he has been associated with a number of elite fragrance houses, perfumers and suppliers, which enabled him to devise a system that practically served everyone’s map towards finding the best among the ladies perfumes to fit personal preferences. His comprehensive references in the perfume industry is summarized in his perfume classification scheme, which groups a total of 2,300 gentlemen’s and ladies perfumes in four olfactive families; fresh, floral, oriental and woody.

Each olfactive group has their subcategories. The fresh perfume family is grouped into citrus, green and water. Citrus scents (hesperide), the oldest fragrance family, are sourced from the natural essences of fragrant citruses such as mandarins, lemon, bergamot, grapefruit and oranges. The green fragrance gives you the interesting sharp blend of fresh-cut grass and violet leaves, giving you a refreshing imagery of the outdoors. The water fragrances are reminiscent of the soft sea breeze, the aroma of the wet air combined with livening floral, woody and oriental fragrances are classic choices for this group.

The floral fragrances give you the most popular among the fragrance family. Capturing the potently sensual essences of floral notes, this group gives you a symphony of heavenly scents. Perfumers take pleasure in the avalanche of exciting new floral notes, which created more options for this sinful treat. In successfully cloning the scent of fresh blooms, soft florals (fleuri aldehyde) established another group of fragrance that featured more delicate floral scent selections.

A new ladies perfume collection is important. You may not think so, but it really can make you more confident. Perfume can last three years or longer, so think of a new fragrance as an wise investment. Enjoy your perfumes, wear them generously and love them. Some people never wear their perfumes and then the fragrances goes bad. Do not wait for that perfect occasion all the time, enjoy today. Enjoy smelling beautiful and enjoy wearing the top ladies perfume more often.

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