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Party Face Make-up

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Any sort of party or event that takes place in the evening allows a woman to be more adventurous with her Party Face Makeup. For the most part, Party Face Makeup worn during the evening hours can be thicker and darker than what is normally worn during the day.
The following are some Party Face Makeup tips that are perfect for a nighttime party face:
•  Make sure to apply concealer under the eyes to disguise dark circles and shadows.
•  To help eye makeup stay put for the entire night, place foundation or primer on the eyelids before adding colored eye makeup.

•  Make sure to completely cover foundation with powder. This will help the foundation to last longer on the face without touchups.

•  Use an eye pencil on the eyebrows to help define them.

•  Try different shades of eye shadow. Use a light color from the eyelashes all the way up to the eyebrow, then a line of dark eye shadow along the crease in the eyelid, and a medium shade from the crease all the way up to the eyebrow.

•  Always wear eyeliner and two applications of mascara.

•  Wear two shades of blush on the cheeks.

•  Define the lips by using a lip liner along with regular lipstick.

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