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Panjaa – Movie Review

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Movie Title: Panjaa
Producer: Neelima Tirumalasetti and Shobhu Yarlagadda
Director: Vishnu Vardhan
Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Sarah Jane Dias, Anjali Lavania, Jackie Shroff and Atul KulkarnMusic: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Neelima Tirumalasetti and Shobhu Yarlagadda produce the awaited Telugu flick, ‘Panjaa’ under their banner Sangamithra Arts and Arka Media. The film has been directed by Vishnu Vardhan, who is much famed in Tamil movies. The film stars Pawan Kalyan, Sarah Jane Dias and Anjali Lavania in the pivotal roles.

From Bollywood brigade, Jackie Shroff and Atul Kulkarni have been roped in to enact the important parts. Yuvan Shankar Raja stockpiles the composition for the film album. Before the release of the flick, ‘Panjaa’ was awarded the ‘A’ certificate from the censor board that was a sigh of relief for the makers of the movie for sure. Panjaa was not only released in India but also in overseas market. The film opened to good results in domestic and international circuits.

Pawan Kalyan has been fetched into the flick to play an action hero in the film. He plays the character of Jaidev.

Pawan is the guy who always comes up with various avatars to allure his audience. He has his own viewership that comes to see his movies. Initially in his film career, he used to be look like a style icon but later he sensed not to stick with one style thus he left the formulaic things and turned to new ideas. Although his fan base may not want him to change his styles but he is the one who keeps on changing.

In Panjaa, he appears with an altogether new style – the look with a beard to make him a real action hero as per the demand of his role in the movie. Director Vishnu Vardhan, who is famous for chewing up the stylish Tamil movies like Billa and Pattiyal, shows his strength at this junction by giving the action-packed flick a true innovative style to relish with.

Panjaa is Vishnu Vardhan’s first ever Telugu movie but at this platform he brings his signature style to showcase to the Telugu audiences. He shows his class in this movie with his marvelous execution and the ability to get the viewers glued to the screens till the finale.

Film talks about Jai (Pawan) who works under the don Bhagwan, who operates in Kolkatta. Bhagwan’s biggest enemy is Kulkarni, who is the other don in the area but whenever Kulkarni tries to attack Bhagwan, Jai become the wall in between being a true faithful worker of his master. Jai is a rock hard guy and has talents he schemes many plots to attack Bhagwan’s enemies.

In Bhagwan’s group, Jhanvi too works as a bar dancer, who loses her heart to Jai but Bhagwan’s son Munna eyes the girl. Jai loves Sandhya, a shy girl out of this world of crimes.

Munna murders Jhanvi. Jai fastens the belts to take revenge from Munna and during brawls, Munna gets killed by Jai. Bhagwan moors the belts to seek the revenge of the son from Jai. Jai then singlehandedly tackles Bhagwan and Kulkarni and eliminate all of them.

Well, from the story, you must have sensed that this is an age-old formulaic story that has been watched umpteen times on the screen. The script has no novelty at all and here the film lacks the oomph. The face of the film also gets lethargic at places.

But on the interesting side, the execution of the director Vishnu Vardhan is what that the viewers like the most and that is what helps the moviegoers stick to the screen till the last reel.

Cinematography by Vinod is appealing. The musical score by Yuvan Shankar Raja is mellifluous.

It is Pawan Kalyan’s show altogether – his style, dialogues, action and acting all allure the viewers. Sarah Jane Dias acts well. Anjali Lavania shows huge skin. Adivi Shesh does the part well. Jackie Shroff is first rate. Atul Kulkarni is good with the act. Rest of the cast appears fine with the respective roles.

On the whole, Panjaa is well-executed flick and has potential to raise the spirits. Although the script is not novel and there are flaws in the movie but overall, it is appealing.

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