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One month, that’s all we need

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One month, that’s all we need

By: Heart Break Kid
One month, that’s all you need to move on. That’s all you need to fall in love. That’s all you need to get to know someone like the back of your hand, and it’s also all you need to lose someone you once spoke to hours on end. One month, 30 days, will teach you a lot. It doesn’t sound like a long period of time but a lot can be done in one month.
Look at yourself today and compare it to last month, are you the same person you were then? Do you even look the same? Do you feel the same? A lot can happen in one month without you even noticing you’ve gotten this far. Last month I was someone who enjoyed going to the beach just to read and relax and take my mind off trivial drama, this month I don’t even have time for the beach, I’m more like someone who’d rather sleep and go out than read.
This month I become an aunt. This month I made new friends, lost a few, and revived old friendships. Most of the things I worry about today are a lot more different than what I worried about a month ago. My dreams have changed along with my sleep pattern.
One month taught me what 25 years couldn’t. It taught me that life isn’t easy, decisions shouldn’t be taken lightly, speed bumps along the road are part of the ride, and midnight snacking means 2 extra kilos the following month. It taught me that not because someone’s smiling all the time means they’re not hurting inside. It taught me that even when our legs fail to carry us, there will be someone/something there to lean on.
It taught me that not everyone that smiles to your face is a friend. I’ve also learned that everything happens for a reason but until you figure out what that reason is, you have to hang in there. I’ve learned that your heart can still beat even when you can’t breathe. I’ve learned that no matter how hard you push someone away, they’ll stick around if they want to.
I’ve learned that today is yesterdays tomorrow, the tomorrow I feared only one day ago. I thank god for still being here for another 30 days, for giving me another chance to embrace life and experience new things, and for the lessons I’ve learned this past month. This month is next month’s last month.
I don’t know what July has in store for me, I have some things planned for July, but I don’t know if God agrees with me on them. What I do know for sure that July will definitely teach me what June couldn’t. I know that July will have some ups and downs, but then again so did June and here I am, alive and kicking. As I take baby steps towards my future, all I can think about are three words…

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