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Not Creating Drama a Reason for Vida Samadzai’s eviction

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Big Boss Season 5 is crossing all the records for television viewership. The previous seasons of the popular television show may have been hits but the high drama of the current season is made it reach levels which were only imaginary figures till sometime back.
The latest eviction from Big Boss Season 5 was Vida Samadzai who was also Miss Afganisthan 2003. According to her the only reason she got evicted was the fact that she was neither a drama queen nor did she create any sort of controversies in the house. Had she picked up fights with people she was sure to have lasted more than the time she did.

Vida who is a model and actress went through a pretty peaceful stay in the Big Boss house. Staying aloof from fights and gossips is a difficult job indeed but Vida seemed to survive pretty well. The model has now started thinking that the house is not for people who prefer leading a simple and decent life. People love to see gossip and drama on the show and that is exactly what the makers bank on for getting good numbers.

“I think I got evicted cause I didn’t create enough drama to entertain the audience like the others did, and probably that’s what the people want to watch in the show. I am not the kind of person who fights and abuses someone,” Vida quoted.

The lady however also claimed that she had a pleasant stay in the house and it was a pretty learning experience.

“My experience in the house was enriching. I learnt a lot and have become a more balanced person now. Although the fights in the house were emotionally draining it made me a stronger person,” says Vida.

It however seems that there is no love between Vida and the Big Boss drama queen Pooja Missra. Vida feels that she is not a nice person and also claimed that she was the only person she felt uncomfortable with in the house. Pooja who seems to be picking a fight with whoever she finds is perhaps using the strategy to prolong her stay in the house.

Vida also made her statement on evicted contestant Mandeep Bevli’s comments that the show is fake and scripted. According to her nothing is scripted and she keeps wondering how people start behaving so weirdly inside the house.

The Indian version of International television reality series ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ is co hosted by Bollywood stars Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan.

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