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No Smoking For SRK After Don 2

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The ‘King Khan’ of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan says “apart from smoking, I do not think, I have any other bad habit”. We all know Shah Rukh to be a chain smoker and he acknowledges that smoking is severly injurious to health. He has already tried every trick to quit smoking but in vain, but this time he is all set to quit smoking.
Lately Hrithik Roshan has been spreading and discussing the side effects of smoking among all his friends and family members, but his close friend Shah Rukh Khan seems less likely to do that anytime soon.

A book on how to quit smoking has helped Hrithik quit this dangerous addiction. It is heard that he has been passing on this book to some of his smoker friends of Bollywood such as Bobbu Deol, Sanjay Dutt, including some others.

When Shah Rukh was asked whether Hrithik approached him with his new discovered book, he said, “I know this is a bad thing but the habit doesn’t leave me. I am trying hard. Even if someone tells me or not, I know about the ill-effects of smoking. I will try and give it up on my own. I know it is not a good thing.”

‘King Khan’ also said that nowadays he feels guilty when people ask him when will he quit smoking all the time. He also said that he tries to smoke less now. There has been several occassions when he had vowed to give up smoking. First he said it on the ‘World No Tobacco Day’ and then reiterated it for the second time during the promotions of his biggest project yet, ‘Ra One’, but he is yet to keep his word.

Now Shah Rukh Khan is planning to kick off smoking after the release of his upcoming movie, ‘Don 2?, that is releasing on 23rd December. He said that he will start working out and he plans on getting into a healthier regime. He ends it with saying, “I would like to say that smoking is a bad thing and one must not do it.”

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