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New Year’s Eve – Movie Review, Details, Credits

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Film Critic: Goher Iqbal Punn
Director: Garry Marshall
Cast: Robert De Niro, Halle Berry, Hillary Swank, Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Beil, Michelle Pfieffer, Zac Ephron, Sarah Jessica Parker, Katherine Hiegl and Jon Bon Jovi
Script: Katherine Fugate
Runtime: 1 Hour and 58 minutes
Famous director Garry Marshall returns with the latest product to offer to the audiences, ‘New Year’s Eve’. With much gusto and hopes, the man expects a lot and feels confident that the flick will make a big mark at the box office and among the cinegoers as his previous romantic saga ‘Valentine’s Day’ had done.

Unfortunately, the film did not go as per his expectations. And it is obvious that how can a venture turn out to be successful and likeable by the viewers with such a poor script and story? Well, the man has to understand that today’s viewer is not as foolish as it is considered to be! The fast pace of life, rapid technological advancements and world’s turning to be a global village have made the audiences intelligent, now they have sense to understand each and everything in particular the cinematic works can easily by judged by today’s sharp audiences.

The holes in the story or plot, a viewer can now judge and every flaw, which the critic sees with his/her scanning eyes, viewer too can scan it. Well, Mr. Garry has to understand it all before dishing out any project for the audiences’ pleasures.

Assembling the big names on one platform cannot guarantee the success and a lucrative business. This is the big mistake with Garry Marshall who ensemble the big starcast to let the viewers enjoy and give him good business in return. But did he forget to see the script carefully before making and spending big bucks on the film? Guess, he might have forgotten to glance an eye on the screenplay or (else) he would not have done this big mistake.

Valentine’s Day was made with super care and that paid. In its opening weekend, the movie collected more than $56 million. Well, mistakes happen with humans but one has to be careful enough to at least see what is going to be presented after all a big money and time is involved in a project!

Garry this time again joins hands with his screenwriter Katherine Fugate to make ‘New Year’s Eve’ sensing that the hit pair will bring lucrative business once again but his screenwriter deceived him this time around by giving him the poorly written or rather hastily made screenplay to work on. And the final product turned out to be mundane with no pleasures for the viewers at all.

The basic plot of the movie is how several couples and characters interweave on the New Year’s Eve in New York to celebrate the occasion. This is the line on which the whole film has been made.

Garry has assembled such a big star cast including the Oscar winners Hilary Swank, Halle Berry and Robert De Niro. Others include Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Beil, Michelle Pfieffer, Zac Ephron, Sarah Jessica Parker, Katherine Hiegl, and Jon Bon Jovi.

New Year’s Eve is a collection of characters and stories and appears to be a mixed bag. The film has no novelty at all to put the viewer on the road to entertainment. Taking the big cast on the platform has been done so that if the viewer gets bored with the sluggish going-ons, the attention of the viewers should be put on someone else’s story. This way the stories move on New Year’s Eve – all in much haste that you even cannot extract the joys.
There is Jon Bovi’s sequence with Katherine Heigl – all seems boring. You witness Halle Berry’s part with Robert De Niro and then Ashton Kutcher’s New Year party. Lea Michele’s meeting with Ashton Kutcher. And you then witness many other characters on the eve of New Year such as Michelle Pfieffer, Zac Effron, Sarah Jessica parker, Jessica Biel and others with their respective stories. Sofia Vergara appears with her cheap laughs.

The story is lackluster and the script is a big disappointment with big holes. The cinematography fails to generate any oomph since the camera work is poor. Direction of Garry Marshall is well-made.

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