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New Trends – T Shirts

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Walk in the park and have a look around; the most common dress worn by people all over the world are t-shirts. T-shirts are the latest in the Begawan of style statement. Styling ranges from different colors, shades, patterns, with or without collars, quotes etc. What is so catchy about this garment is the sheer comfort wearing it and yet keep pace with the most happening crowd around you. Be it an infant, toddler, college student, office goers or an old man people – t-shirts are a part of every age and sex around the world.

T-shirts, sleeve less t-shirts. Of late cropped t-shirts are very popular among the girls. Cropped t-shirts are short length t-shirts showing off the midriff of a girl. Hip hops are the latest trend among the boys. Hip hops are Styling ranges extending up to the knee or even longer. T-shirts are also famous for the quotes and pictures on it. The quotes on T shirts can be whatever is desired. They are sometimes just alphabets, words of wisdom, messages and on so. With the advent of screen printing, people started getting pictures which could be anything.

T-shirts are liked by all age groups and all suit all walks of life. With the boom in the garment industry, t-shirts have become a thing of every house. They can be bought by any one as they are available for a wide range of prices. If the pioneers of t-shirts come back and see the way their simple undershirt have evolved over the period of time, they would be stunned by the wide range of trends available in the market. So, the next time you go on to buy a t-shirt check all the latest in the market before getting hooked to the piece. Even the skeptics, who are not a fan of this wonderful type of garment.

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