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New Bangles Style

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It is a known fact that gold bangles have denoted financial prosperity in ancient times. Interestingly even today these ornaments are seen as a symbol of good financial fortune in many cultures. More popularly worn by the women, these bangles are usually sold and worn in pairs or more. However, the gold jewellery bracelet that is considered the counterpart of gold bangles is sold as a single piece and is very popular with the male section too.

The range of this gold jewellery is rather extensive and one can buy designs from almost any era and in any finish. Be it carved, studded or even plain, all kinds of bangles are available for the taking. These bangles can be bought in different thickness quotients and while some can easily be slipped on others may need to be opened out and then worn.
However, with this large variety, also comes a large confusion. Be it gold jewellery bracelets or gold bangles it will help to keep certain tips in mind when going out shopping for these ornaments

The standard size for bangles is 7 inches for women and 8 inches for men. However, it is always better to wear the ornament in order to ensure if the size is correct. While the sizes for these gold jewellery bracelets and bangles Silver are not as rigid as ring sizes and mostly a round about estimate works, do not make the mistake of judging the size of the bangle in keeping with the size of the wrist. It is the girth of the palm that will decide the bangle size.

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