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New Abaya Designs 2012

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Abaya is a tradition known all over the world women’s use of Islam Abaya designs their clothes, and very popular with women. The traditional Abaya is a simple black dress wearing Muslim women to cover their regular clothes, could be described as a long-sleeved robe-like dress and is a traditional dress in many of the Arabian Peninsula, such as Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates . Iran called the chador and burqa Abaya in South Asia. The last new Abaya Designs 2011 avalible market is also on the website and also differnt.

New Abaya Designs 2012

New Abaya designs are very popular all over the world, Muslims in particular European countries. Abaya covers the whole body except, face hands and feet. It can be worn with the niqab, the veil that covers everything but the eyes are vague source Abaya. Some felt it was up to 4 000 years ago, the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, and when Islam was born in the seventh century AD.

New Abaya Designs 2012

New Designs Abaya Seeling 2011 is like a hot cake on the market. Religion is absorbed by the local counter-force policy as part of a culture, probably because of the tradition of dressing women Jahiliya.In Arabs in those days women wore dresses that revealed the neck, chest, breasts and even if the other parts of their bodies. They also drew their veils backwards, leaving the front open (understandably crushing heat of the desert) Just like that.

New Abaya Designs 2012

In the past many old Muslim Women Abaya use, and it is neccassary for women to use. When Islam came, they were ordered to remove their veils to cover their breasts and to protect women against acts of disrespect.Some think the idea of ??“coverage” was more about the class to that it was about religion. In urban pre-Islamic Arabian Peninsula of the veil was considered a sign of privilege and a luxury afforded to women who are not working.

New Abaya Designs 2012

Were separated from their slave girls and prostitutes, who do not veil or cover, and rural and nomadic women are too busy to be bothered with face veil, something so impractical, and an extra layer of clothing. In all Muslim countries, women perfer Abaya, Parda, and why it is very useful for Muslim women around the world.

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