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Native American Tattoo

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Among the oldest in the art,tattooshave been a significant part of theNative Americanculture for centuries now. There were a variety of reasons why the NativeAmericanswould gettattooed. Many men from the winning tribes of a war would often receive a tattoo signifying their conquest and victory.

ManyNative Americantribes were known by their tattoos. There were different markings that distinguishedtribesand the regions they were from. Some Native Americans, especially those from the northwestern parts ofAmerica, used tattoos to distinguish and recognize a women’s village. Alaskan tribes used tattoos to mark the killing of an enemy. Many Native American tattoos held mystical or spiritual meaning. Native Americans believed that tattoos gave power to those who wore them on their bodies and/or faces. These tattoos were believed to endow a person with supernatural powers or strength.

Native Americanstook thetattooof an animal, object, mythical beings and even gods whose strength and power they wanted to emulate. The Lakota Indians required that both men and women get tattoos to allow them to enter the afterlife, or they believed the spirits of their ancestors would not allow them to enter the afterlife.Today, many people are opting to identify themselves withNative American tattoosof their tribes. This is true for both with Native American heritage, as well as those who just know of the Native American legacy and admire the culture. There need not be traces of Native American blood in you for you to justify getting a tribal tattoo done. Also, as tribal art forms have become more prevalent in today’s society, Native American tattoos are often a popular request formany tattoo artists.


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