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Moon Tattoos for Girls

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moon-tattoosBeautiful Moon Tattoos for Girls Back and Front And on other Part of Body Because this tattoo is Small size

The astrological studies have always painstaking sun to be mannish and moon to be a feminine. Moon also relates the numinous relationship that human beings have with the mother nature. Since, it is said to be a female, moon tattoos suit girls in a better way than males. Before moving on to moon tattoos for girls, let us discuss more on the meanings of these moon tattoos.

Meanings of Moon Tattoos
Moon tattoo meaning largely depends on an personage and the culture that he/she follows. People who believe in Western astrology judge moon as a agent of somebody’s nature or characteristic. Moreover, it is said to represent the inner child that everyone of us has and how one has been in the past. The moon enlighten the dark during the night and guides direction. Both Eastern and Western astrology consider moon to be a symbol of motherhood and feminine facial appearance like caring attitude and comforting her loved ones. It is believed that the phases of the moon have a noteworthy effect on the Earth. Since, the moon controls the tides of the ocean, many people believe that the moon controls the emotion of a human being also.

Moon Tattoos for Girls
Moon tattoos designs have no age bars, and they look good on every age group of women. Moreover moon tattoos are quite patchy and hence, there are myriad of designs that can be made from these tattoos. With so many phases of the moon, one can get any of the moon phase of her choice. It may be a full moon, just a crescent, dark moon or even a shadowed moon. There is no end to the leeway of designs that can be made to carve a moon tattoo. Moon tattoos with facial expressions are also famous moon tattoo designs. These terms help to carve different emotions, that the tattoo bearer wants to symbolize. Some women even go for moon tattoos with a comic touch, like a moon with a protrude nose or a moon face with large smile.

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